pastel peeps

spring is here and so is my easter garland!  in order to jump into the easter season, i have created a simple, whimsical, and completely free decoration for our charming little cottage.  it’s super simple and looks oh so pretty!  the supplies you will need for this craft are paint chip samples from a hardware store or spring colored craft paper, a pen, scissors, a needle and thread, scotch tape, easter candy to eat while cutting, and any ribbon scraps you may have are optional.

photo 5photo 4

the first step is to create a template for your bunny.  perfection is not necessary!  just map out a larger circle for the base, a slightly smaller circle for the head, and then add two bunny ears!  easy as pie, right?  my peep is about 3 1/2 inches tall.

photo 1-1

then, simply trace out as many bunnies as you like using your template onto your paint samples or craft paper.  i used a combination of solid pastels and spring inspired patterned paper.  you’ll probably want to cut at least 20-30 little bunnies for a three foot garland.

photo 3-1

after you have cut out your new friends, arrange them in an order that suits you and begin stitching them together.  you do not have to have any sewing experience as this is simply poking holes and stringing the bunnies along the thread.  if you are helping a child make this garland, please do the needle work for them!

photo 2-1

continue stringing the bunnies until you have the desired length garland.  finish with a simple knot and be sure to leave about half an inch on each side of the garland.  don’t worry about spacing yet, you can adjust the pastel peeps once the garland is hanging.


for easy peasy hanging, the garland is so lightweight that all you need is a little scotch tape to secure it to a wall or door frame.  if you fancy a bow to cover your tape, simply use some ribbon scraps and adhere a bow with tape as well.  this way you have a no commitment way of decorating.


now you may space your bunnies equal distances apart and viola…instant easter prettiness for your space that’s easy and cheap!  and since it is springtime…i love everything cheap cheap cheap!  get it?